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La Torre Vinaria--A 50 years hystory

The history of Cantina Frentana winery began in 1958, thanks to carefulness and dedication of some passionate winemakers. The first grape harvest of this winery was in 1960, that’s why we can read this year here. This Winery is a social cooperative, composed by about four hundred members, from Rocca San Giovanni or neighboring country.

The particular geographical position, exposed to the mountain breezes and the mitigating effect of the sea, creates a particular microclimate, with high daily temperature variation, optimal for the vineyards. Because of these, the wine has been cultivated for over two thousand years.

Hight of Torre Vinaria:
30 m, 5 floors
Restoration year:
Photography by Cantina Frentana

The tower was finish in 1960, and wasn’t a simple terms of aesthetics, but right in here the wine was handled. There are five floors, with 16 cement tanks each. At that time the wine were bring up in the last floor with a pump and, with a decantation process, it went down. Nowadays, with brand new technologies, this process is different and the wine is handle outside in the steel tanks.

The model of Torre Vinaria that you can see here, was, at that time, futuristic enough to be patented. The fermentation temperature of each tank were strictly controlled with electronic devices.

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